About Elemental Logic
Elemental Logic is dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art website analytics and online business intelligence solutions.

Solutions for Business Intelligence
Organizations rely on their website to convey their online presence to millions of potential visitors every day.

Elemental Logic offers software tools that increases the value of any website by turning it into a precision business intelligence system:

Marketing professionals can manage email campaigns with new precision: count the number of email 'opens' as well as clickthru's back to your website.

Track search engine activity: learn which search engines drive traffic to your website, and what keywords and search queries your visitors use.

Monitor where your visitors come from: discover what websites they were on before coming to yours and locate websites that link to yours.

Find out which webpages are the most popular with your visitors.

These are a few of the many benefits available to Statbot Professional users.

To learn more about how Statbot is being used by Sales and Marketing professionals, Educators, Accountants, Web Designers, Students, Webmasters, Project Managers, and Corporate Executives, click here.
Statbot Pro at a Glance
Statbot Professional is a powerful website analytics and reporting application created for businesses and organizations:

Easy, simple integration with all popular web servers including Apache, Microsoft, NCSA, Real Networks, Roxen, Zeus, and many others.

Includes over 60 customizable reports and more than 90 desktop graphs.

Automated operations means timely, reliable reporting 24 hours a day.

Optimized for speed, with logfile processing rates as fast as 10,000 lines/second.

Stay current with online product updates.

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP compliant.

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View a Live Online Report

Naturally, we use Statbot Professional to track our own website activity. So you can see the power, precision, and benefits of running your own website analysis, we've posted our report online. It's automatically updated every hour using Statbot's built-in automation features.

View Today's report.
View the Ninety Day report.

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